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Who We Are

We are volunteers who actively support BIJ. We are open to everyone regardless of age or synagogue affiliation. We encourage you to attend any or all of our events and meetings. New BIJ members are extended a free Sisterhood - The Women of BIJ membership for one year. Please feel free to call any of the officers and committee chairs to get help, ask questions, offer your services, or share your special talents. We love ideas and participation from everyone.

Our Mission Statement

Sisterhood-The Women of BIJ  is a sharing and caring group of women working to maintain a Jewish way of life, supporting the goals of the congregation by providing a forum for fellowship and friendship; coordinating social, educational and spiritual programs where women can gather together to learn and grow; and welcoming and supporting the needs of women of all generations. 

What We Do

  • Support the BIJ Religious School
  • Participate in congregational celebrations of the Jewish Holidays
  • Sponsor Friday Night Feasts and host refreshments at Saturday morning Kiddush
  • Give gifts on the occasions of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Confirmations
  • Sponsor an annual luncheon outing to a local restaurant for residents of the Jewish Home
  • Develop a social calendar of fun and educational programs which support our BIJ community
  • Host creative hands-on events such as Incredible Edibles, Hanukkah Fair, and Family Game Night
  • Fund the annual Rabbi Morris Scholarship to help families with college costs

Our business meetings are scheduled approximately every two months. Attendance at these meetings is not a prerequisite to being involved, yet we do need a quorum to vote on issues, and encourage your participation.  If you are interested in joining us or have any questions, please contact Sisterhood President Terry A. Levy at 415-334-1005, terryalevy45@gmail.com. 

L’Shalom, Terry

The Rabbi Herbert Morris Scholarship Application Information

Applications for the Rabbi Morris Scholarship given by Sisterhood is now closed. Please check back next January to download the new application. Remember there are three applications. They are for high school seniors, students currently in college, and adults going back to school for retraining.

The Sisterhood provides the first $400 towards the scholarship fund. The fund grows larger through your generous donations. You can make a donation to this fund all year long by sending a check made out to: BIJ Sisterhood to the BIJ address, addressed to Sisterhood - The Women of BIJ.

Applicants must be children or grandchildren of members in good standing or members of the Temple themselves. The application process is closed until next year. Completed applications should be returned to Diane Ehrlich c/o Sisterhood BIJ or left for her in the Temple Office.

These scholarships may be used at any accredited 2 or 4 year college/university or at any accredited trade/technical/vocational school. All who are eligible are urged to apply. All applications should be typed or written legibly in black ink.

Adult Application for the Rabbi Morris Scholarship

College Student Application for the Rabbi Morris Scholarship

High School Student Application for the Rabbi Morris Scholarship

WRJ - Women of Reform Judaism 

The WRJ is a National Organiztion of Sisterhoods with affiliates national and world wide. The WRJ.ORG has eight districts. We are in the Pacific District and includes many of the western and states and two Canada Proviances. There are national, district and local events. I have been in contact people on the with the national and district level. We have the opportunity to learn more about joining from the Pacific District President Judith Ning. I am receiving the Chai Line the Pacific District newsletter. Here are the links. Chai Line JanChai Line Feb Chai Line Mar 6/18 Chai Line Mar 20/18 Chai Line Apr 3/18 Please attend our next meeting to learn more about the WRJ and to learn how you can help the Sisterhood - The Women of BIJ and our greater BIJ community.

 Annual Hanukkah Fair

Our Hanukkah Fair will be on Sunday, November 11, 2018. We are starting a Hanukkah Fair Committee and had our first meeting February 4th. We want to have a committee to run the fair as it will spread out the task to more people. Please join us for our second meeting on Sunday, April 8th, 10am at Natalie's house. For address and time please check please call or email one of our officers.

Event Photos

Jewish Home Luncheon

JHL 16 4 Table of Ladies  

Afternoon Tea, August 2016 

Stella Viviene Lorvantrio of daughters